Today I am writing to let you know how beneficial your Biomat has been to me. In March 2004 I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. I had no symptoms I had normal PSA blood levels. Yet after having a biopsy at Queens Hospital it showed I had a stage 4 Tumor and a Gleason score of 8 ( This is how they grade Prostate Tumors ) the only thing worse would have been a score of 9.1 had to have a radical prostatetectomy…where they removed my prostate…weren’t able to get all the cancer. In March of 2005 I was given a terminal diagnosis they said I had 18 months to live. ( He was also using the Alkal-Life water filtration unit where he stated he previously was able to cut his insulin intake by 75% and cut his blood pressure medication in half ). I ( purchased and ) used the Amethyst Biomat for 6 months on a regular basis. According to the Dr’s my expiration date was September ’06, Today I am sitting here writing this letter alive and well. I saw my cancer levels drop to an undetectable level after only 3 months. I saw my Dr. on Friday June 22, 07. He told me I am a miracle my levels have dropped to a point where my cancer is basically gone…For the second time thank you ( Mr. and Mrs. Kim ) for providing products that save people’s lives, and restores hope to the lives of others and their loved one’s. I know your products work and I am living proof. – J. Peinert, HI

I love my bio mat! About 7 months ago I had whiplash from a car injury. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor 2 to 3 times a week for adjustments, and a massage therapist once a week for deep tissue massage therapy. I was on vacation and saw a different therapist who had a bio on her table. I loved the feeling of it on my back! As she worked on me it warmed and soften the muscle tissue and she was able to get much deeper without the discomfort of deep tissue massage can sometimes be. She told me all about the bio mat, and said I would greatly benefit from having one. She just happens to have a mini-mat, as I was driving to the ATM to with draw the cash did wonder should I really be spending this much on a heating pad? Well I ended up getting it and using it (what a difference!) the next week I not only purchased the professional, but also the pillow! My adjustment have gone so much better! My range of motion with being able to turn my head is as far as my good side! Yes it was an ‘investment’ but for me it is the best investment I’ve made this year. Also note I bought an adapter that fits into your cigarette lighter and I use the mini-mat while driving. – Carrie M., KY

I love my BioMat. I sleep on it all night. One hour at the top red and the rest of the night at one yellow. It has made HUGE changes in my health. I have VERY PAINFUL neuropathy and it is now barely noticeable. I also had extremely bad edema in my feet and ankles. Even with elevating them all night they would still be swollen every morning and would just get worse every day. Now- I wake up with my bones sticking out – like every other person. By the end of the day I may have some swelling but nothing like it used to be. I also have both hips replaced and a triple back fusion. The BioMat makes a HUGE difference in my pain level – pain free. LOVE IT. – C.L. Keswick, VA

As a researcher and promoter of quality health products, I am always searching for the most effective. Personally, I am very electro-magnetic sensitive, which limits my time and use of some wonderful products. What I found most interesting with the AMETHYST BIOMAT is that it seems my core resistance to electro-magnetics is becoming stronger. I can go to the grocery store, use other electrical products, sit at the computer and even on the phone much longer than before, which is a true God-send. Thank You!.” –  M. Arnold, MN

I am a Veteran of Vietnam and have suffered many injuries from the war. The pain was threatening to curtail my activities in the sweatlodge. I also suffered from high blood sugar – sometimes as high as 490. Since I have been using the BioMat and drinking Alkaline water, my aches and pains have disappeared and my blood sugar is down to 190Both pain and high blood sugar return when I am away from home for long trips. The BioMat and Alkal-Life water System are helping me to live a fuller life.” – ( Leon Red Dog – Hoh’-wu-ju Cheyenne River Soiux Nation – Medicine Bundle Keeper )

My husband encouraged me to try the BioMat in November. When I get home from work, I routinely spend a half-hour on the mat and recharge my mind, body, and spirit. I also drink Alkal-Life water daily. I have more energy, I feel better and look better. I am slowly losing weight and my hair is getting darker.” – W. Traversie, Ridgeview, SD

Until I first tried the BioMat in November 2005, I relied on physical therapy and analgesics to control the pain I endured from multiple injuries I suffered over 25 years as an ironworker. I was uanble to move my head from side to side without turning my upper body. Every joint in my body ached.  My sister had given me the BioMat and Alkal-Life water unit to use in September 2005, but I was skeptical. She finally convinced me to try the mat for my pain for a week and report to her. Each day I seemed to be getting better. I started slow and easy as she recommended and at the end of the week I was doing an hour daily on the red setting. After a few days of this, I noticed that every injury I had suffered while working iron surfaced, then gradually disappeared.  I also suffer from COPD and use oxygen tanks daily. The BioMat seemed to help my breathing.  After the first week, I decided to hook up the Alkal-Life water unit. I began with an 8.5 pH. Instantly, I felt my brain clear. I guess I was getting more oxygen.  I have been using the BioMat a few times a week and drinking alkaline water daily. I am now pain free ( I no longer need physical therapy and analgesics ). I have more energy. I still require oxygen occasionally when I over exert myself.  I used to feel “disabled” and useless. My life is now fuller than I imagined it could ever be at my age. The BioMat and Alkal-Life Water System have greatly improved my life.” – T. Traversie of Ridgeview, SD