June 2, 2016

NIH: Childhood Brain Tumors, Residential Insecticide Exposure, and Pesticide Metabolism Genes

Based on known effects of these variants, these results suggest that exposure in childhood to organophosphorus and perhaps to carbamate insecticides in combination with a reduced ability to detoxify them may be associated with CBT. Confirmation in other studies is required.
June 2, 2016

NIH: Using Residential History and Groundwater Modeling to Examine Drinking Water Exposure and Breast Cancer

We investigated the hypothesis generated by earlier spatial analyses that exposure to drinking water contaminated by wastewater effluent may be associated with breast cancer. Using a detailed exposure assessment, we found an association with breast cancer that increased with longer latency and greater exposure duration.
May 11, 2016

Too Hot for Cancer

Janice wasn't flattered when the German shopkeeper congratulated her on the baby she looked about to deliver. For despite her severely swollen abdomen, Janice was not pregnant. She had advanced, multidrug resistant peritoneal cancer with an accumulation of fluid in her abdominal cavity. Janice had been told she was in the end stages of an eight year battle that had started with ovarian cancer and metastasized into liver, colon and bladder cancer.