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Product Overview:

The Alkal-Life Water System is an advanced purification ionizer that plays a vital role in our health and provides for us a better way to apply the use of water in our everyday lives.

In order to maximize the benefits, the system uses a high performance active carbon filter that removes microscopic organisms and water clustering. The tourmaline enclosed in the filter also plays a crucial role in sieving out contaminants to deliver pristine water.

Over time, however, mineral buildup and chlorine residuals may clog the channel. As a result, the water pressure may increase causing internal damages and malfunctions to the water system. We recommended the filter be replaced after the cycle of use of 792 gallons, or 3,000 liters  (6 months’ worth of purified water).

The “filter discount program” to buying filters:

The Filter Discount Program is designed to help you save money and also to maximize and maintain the performance of the Alkal-Life Water System.

This agreement is on 6 filters given at every 6-month interval throughout a 3 year term.

On enrollment to this 3-year program, Richway International will ship to you one filter replacement for every 6 months (total of 6 filters). Under the filter discount program, each filter costs you just $100 including shipping. You must sign up for the program and your credit card will be billed before each filter is shipped. Normally the filters cost $120 each plus $15 shipping.

We also recommend purchasing our CLEANING FILTER to be used before every filter change. These filters insure that your Alkal-Life is clean and safe when every new filter is installed. Cleaning filters cost $50 plus shipping.

People with well water must also purchase our “S” Filter which pre-filters your tap water before it reaches the Alkal-Life unit and filter. This is a comprehensive filter that removes typical contaminants found in well water such as heavy iron. The “S” filter is good for 10,000 gallons of use and cost $240 plus shipping.

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