WHY do I benefit from purchasing the Amethyst Biomats (or Alkal-Life water purification)?

We are living in a modern world that has greatly increased the amount of unnatural chemicals and pollutants into the air, soil, water and therefore into our foods and beverages. Over 3000 chemicals exist in our environment including heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, animal waste runoff, environmental estrogens and more. In addition our daily negative emotions contribute stress which accumulates as we rush and hurry through the day. Many believe that we age because of stress, chemicals, toxins, and oxidation in our bodies more than any other reason.

These issues combine and result in lowering our human blood pH to “acidic” below a 7. By using the Amethyst Biomats with far-infrared heat and drinking clean healthy Alkal-Life Alkaline Ionized water you are helping your body to greatly enhance your health. Far-Infrared heat in the mats, create an artificial “fever”, is known for helping the body to remove toxins and heavy metals, improving circulation, metabolism, increasing energy, and alkalizing the pH. Far-Infrared helps to remove toxins and allow them to escape through the skin, organs and through urine and sweat. Clean water assists with our healthy hydration and reducing oxidation (which causes aging) in our body. Alkalize and relax your body and mind as often as you can to support your physical and mental health.

Alkal-Life Alkaline Ionized water is clean because it has had impurities removed and tastes fresh like natural outdoor water running over rocks. Alkaline Ionized water is MORE HYDRATING than tap or bottled waters. This is because the water molecules are SMALLER and can penetrate your cells easier. It is called “wetter water” because of that. The water will also help to kill bacteria (without chlorine) and studies show it helps to clean out debris from your colon. Acidic water also benefits your body as well for washing your face/skin/hair, brushing your teeth and more.


YES! I am a reflexologist and put my clients on the Amethyst Biomats; they deeply enjoy the relaxing warmth and healing energy during their sessions and report they feel the energy afterwards.

Massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopaths, athletes, dancers, energy healers, reiki masters, shamans, meditators, yoga teachers, Cross-training or Pilates instructors, healing centers, spa’s, holistic MD’s and RN’s, Dentists, athletic trainers and high school and college sports departments, and more all benefit from the mats use for themselves and their clients.

WHAT does the Amethyst Biomat feel like?

It is a warm mat (about 1/2-1″ thick) for the body and is very relaxing for the body and emotions and stress. Some people “feel energy” in different parts of their body when using the mats. Where they have an issue or problem I have found the energy of the mats seems to focus in on areas where the body is lacking energy; that is where problems in the body tend to develop (and there is poor circulation). The higher the temperature the more your body warms from use of the mat and I find the greater the increase in circulation, pain relief, homeostasis and elimination result. Some people use the mats for a nap, to sleep on, while receiving a massage, acupuncture, before/after a chiropractic adjustment, after exercising; the possibilities are endless…

Can my Pets Use the Mats?

Many people allow their cats/dogs to lie on their mats as the healing warmth is good for them. Just make sure they have clean healthy water to drink. I gave the 7pH Alkal-Life water to my doggies. Avoid using the mats with greyhounds as they have very thin skin and cannot tolerate the heat. They may fall asleep on the mat but they will know when they have had enough while awake and will get off the mat. Cats seem amazingly drawn to lie down on the mats.

HOW do I use the mats and Alkal-Life water?

Start out using the Amethyst Biomats slowly so you get used to the energy. Try 113, or 121, 131 degrees to begin for 1 or 2 hours a day.

See how your body feels and slowly increase the time and/or temperature every week. If you are uncomfortable with the warmth or an detoxing effects (diarrhea, headache, etcetera) cut back on the time period or temperature. Make sure you drink enough healthy clean water during this time to properly hydrate your body. The key is to listen to your body. Understand that some people are healthier than others and some are more toxic than others. If you are doing more than your body can handle and you experience too many detox side effects (headache, hilighting of the pain, diarrhea…) consider lowering the temperature 1 level or using less time on the mat.

Drink enough Alkal-Life alkaline water to keep hydrated. When using the mats the heat will pull moisture out of your body. Many believe drinking 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight works well. In other words if you weigh 150 pounds consume 75 ounces of WATER daily (this is in addition to whatever other beverages you consume as they are probably acidic and non-hydrating). I would suggest drinking the 8.5 pH water for most people which helps your acidic condition. Some start with a 9.5 or 10 pH water to begin, but that is a high pH to start and I do not suggest drinking that high pH water for more than a week or two.

I have been offering and using these wonderful healing products since 2005. I know how they work. The Amethyst Biomats and Alkal-life purification system make a wonderful healthy gift for family, friends, co-workers and everyone else that you know. Please call me with comments or questions, thank you, Rachel 434-284-1440