The wonderful products we offer are created by Richway FujiBio International, a company with an eye for effective technology that can help us all lead healthier and happier lives. They have 30+ years of research/development behind their products, are incredibly decent and honest and care about the quality and performance of their products and the customers who purchase them. The Amethyst Biomats and the Alkal-Life Ioniizing Alkalizing water purification system are both Licensed Medical Devices by the U.S. FDA.

The cost to become a distributor? $80.00 and your purchase of and commitment to the products. You buy and use the product(s) for yourself and understand the effects they have on your body. You can then show friends family, co-workers and interested people the product(s), explain them and how they can use and benefit from them. Very simple. NO monthly minimums, NO pressure, work at your own pace with our support materials, phone training and support, and your effort. Sell one product a day or one a year based on your interest, time and effort.

Let us know if you would like to sell their products, whether you are an individual, business, or licensed professional, we would love to talk to you. You can help your friends, relatives and associates to benefit from their use. Richway FujiBio handles the payments and the drop shipping, you have no inventory to buy or to worry about. We provide superb support materials, toll-free ongoing support anytime you have questions or comments, and over ten years of training other distributors plus personal sales experience with these products.

WE STAND BEHIND THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE ALL OF THE PRODUCTS WE SELL. We use them ourselves and understand first-hand that they function with years’ of research and millions of dollars invested in their potential for healing and wellness.