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Columbia University school of public health reported that 95% of cancer is caused by diet and environmental toxicity. The medical system does no teach Doctors about detoxification even though eliminating toxins and heavy metals from our body is healing. DETOXIFICATION is a process in which toxins are mobilized out of fat cells and into your bloodstream and sweat so they can be eliminated. Studies show that most of us have between 400 and 800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells in our body. Heavy metals and toxins store in fat cells, organs and in other areas. In the AMETHYST BIOMAT® you can receive the benefits of Far-Infrared and more without the need to sweat unless you choose to do so.

FAR-INFRARED HEAT: Heat therapy has been used for centuries by many cultures for the healthy benefits of heat and sweat therapy. Egyptians used sun bathing, Native Americans use sweat lodges,the Scandinavian and Finnish cultures love their hot hot sauna’s and then may like to jump in snow or cold water afterwards. Steam baths are used around the world for rejuvenation and health. Heat helps the skin and pores eliminate waste deposits through sweating, in addition to the benefits to the organs, capillaries and other parts of the body in increasing circulation, metabolism and alkalinity and detoxification. Far-Infrared is a safe spectrum of light experienced as heat and is and does not lead to sunburn or skin cancer like UV rays from the sun can create It is  well known that far-infrared and regular sauna heat facilitate the expulsion of chemicals and heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, cadmium, lead, and nicotine, out through the skin. (Regular sauna’s work at high temperatures up to 210 degrees, use a lot of electricity, are not efficient because they heat the air 80% and the body only 20%).  A “Far-infrared” Sauna heat penetrates deeper, to 3″ into the body which releases more toxins, use less electricity, and operate at lower temperatures. Far-Infrared therapy/heat provides the benefit of creating an ‘artificial fever’ in the body, stimulating the immune system to function. Far-Infrared is a healthy spectrum of light such as vitamin D from the sun without its’ damaging effects. Heat can be referred to as “Fever therapy”, “Heat therapy”, “Hyperthermia”, “Whole Body Hyperthermia”, “Onco-thermia”, “Pyrotherapy”, “Sauna therapy”, “Temperature Modulation Therapy (TMT)” in medical and related definitions.

DEEP PENETRATING HEAT BENEFITS— (as compared to a cheap heating pad or electric blanket filled with electrical cords). 1. Far-Infrared heat penetration goes through 3″ of layers into the body even with your clothes on, into the skin, capillaries, blood vessels, bones, ligaments, organs and so on. 2. You can SWEAT to receive more benefits as sweating helps to eliminate heavy metals and other impurities/toxins from inside our body and skin. Compared to a regular sauna, Far-Infrared penetrates deeper, is more efficient (heats our body 80% and the air 20% a regular sauna does the opposite) and eliminating toxins at the same time. 3. Resonant Absorbtion, to benefit our tissues to stay warm even hours after its’ use.  4. Creates an artificial fever in the body.

Discovered and experimented with by NASA, our space agency in the 1970’s, they found Far-Infrared had many beneficial effects like cardiovascular conditioning and they patented it so no one company could control the technology FAR-INFRARED ENERGY is part of the natural spectrum of sunlight, minus the skin damaging UV rays. FAR-INFRARED in the Amethyst Biomat has several advantages:

MULTIPLE USES: Get a massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, reflexology, physical therapy, energy work or reiki while lying on it (or before and after)                                                                                                                                      MORE TIME: Use it for a 1-2 hour nap or even sleep on it for a few hours or overnight                                          DIRECT PENETRATION: You are lying directly on the mat versus inside a heated box
THREE PROPERTIES: Versus “just ” heat/sweating”, or far-infrared alone, the powerful combination of tri-synergy (FAR-INFRARED HEAT, NEGATIVE IONS, AMETHYST QUARTZ)                                            PORTABILITY: Easy to travel with or move room to room

Product Overview:

The AMETHYST BIOMAT® is an advanced natural and effective holistic healing product created by engineers, scientists and medical professionals. All we need to do is to “lie on it” to receive multiple health benefits. It uses safe, natural Far-Infrared heat to warm the tissues, muscles, capillaries, blood vessels to improve circulation, blood flow, and whole body functioning.

The Biomat® uses three simple supportive properties/benefits for human health and wellness; Far-Infrared natural healthy heat (from 95 to 158 degrees), Negative Ions, and Amethyst Quartz. These THREE beneficial properties combined in one product are more powerful combined than each one separately.

The Biomat® It is a US FDA Licensed Medical Device Class 2 (many MD’s have written prescriptions for its’ use for patients benefits, #K072534, #2954299) Auto Insurance companies have supported drivers health to recover/heal after an accident.

Mats can be used for home or professional use.

Ideal For: Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Bowenwork, Energy Work, Osteopaths, Meditation, Naturopaths, Therapeutic Touch, Cranio-Sacral, Hypnotherapy, Alternative/Integrative Medicine, Holistic RN’s, Yoga, Reflexologists & more…


FIVE available sizes:

MINI: 120V/220V – 19.68″ x 33.46″ – $700.00
PROFESSIONAL: 120V/220V – 27.55″ x 72.83″- $1,750
(-$100 for medical professionals, military personnel, fireman, police officers, first responders, EMT’s – with proof of licensure)
SINGLE: 120V/220V – 39.37″ x 78.74″ – $2,700
QUEEN: 120V/220V – 55.11″ x 78.74″ – $3,500
KING: 120V/220V – 70.86″ x 78.74″ – $4,200

Professional Mat + The Biomat Pillow: $1,750 + $350
(-$100 w/medical license or proof of military service)

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3 Year Limited Warranty

FDA Approved Arthritis Relief Information

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Dr. Yoshimizu uses the term “medical refugees” to describe those who have been sent home to die when surgery, chemotherapy or radiation have been ineffective and the wisdom of Western Medicine offers no further solution.

Far-Infrared Heat

A natural healthy heat, similar to heat from the sun but minus damaging UV rays. FIR is extremely beneficial in multiple ways for the human body. It is a deep penetrating heat (1-3″ through our body) and has the ability to penetrate, reflect and radiate. Heat produced helps to eliminate body toxins and metabolic wastes through penetration + MULTIPLE circulation improvements. When it penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues it transforms from light energy to heat energy. This thermal effect causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate promoting many wellness benefits:

  • REMOVES TOXINS, even heavy metals and acidic metabolic wastes
  • REDUCES/ELIMINATES TOXINS AND HEAVY METAL RESIDUES IN OUR BODY (lead, Mercury, Benzene, Aluminum ,Uric acid, Lactic Acid, Alcohol, Nicotine…)

Negative Ions

Also known as “vitamins in the air”. We have positive as well as negative ions in the air. NI are found abundantly in healthy outdoor environments, in mountains, near oceans, after a heavy rainstorm. Negative ions help to energize us and make us feel more alive. Our polluted cities and stressed environments, modern homes and buildings full of steel or concrete are high in Positive Ions. Artificial fabrics like nylon and polyester are used in clothing but they do not breathe and output positive ions. Ionization of the air is mandatory in many European hospitals as they are aware of its many benefits.

  • HELP PURIFY THE BLOOD– when negative ionization is introduced the ions in calcium natruim (salt) in the blood increases, the blood is purified by increasing blood alkalinity (research done by Dr. Tanaka in Japan).
  • REVIVE CELLS when the amount of negative ions in the blood increases the function of the cell is activated. This increases the nutrient absorption, waste elimination, metabolism and cell function. “Vitamins in the air”, Negative ions are energy, they are found naturally in healthy outdoor areas like mountains and around moving water, oceans, and during lightning and heavy rain storms. Positive ions on the other hand are found in polluted environments, urban areas and inside buildings and homes. Artificial fabrics such as polyester, rayon and nylon do not breathe and emit positive ions. Many European hospitals are mandated to use negative ions as they know they help people heal faster. NI revive the cell helping to remove wastes help to purify the blood, increase immunity.

Amethyst Quartz

  • Natural Far-Infrared energy, a beautiful, purple quartz crystal.
  • POWERFUL DETOXIFIER known to assist with addictions
  • A NATURAL SOURCE OF FAR-INFRARED ENERGY–Amethyst is universally accepted as a healing crystal and has been since ancient times. It has been identified as a crystal that the greeks believed helped with all kinds of addictions, favorable in clearing blockages, and in aligning the chakras.
  • AMETHYST has the ability to transform lower energies into higher and acts as a healer at all levels of the body, mind, spirit.
  1. The Richway Biomat® 7000MX uses a combination of natural Amethyst and Hyron cotton to generate far infrared rays.
  2. Infrared rays and negative ions naturally emit from Amethyst and Tourmaline.
  3. The TOCA (Tourmaline Catch Power) layer generates negative ions.
  4. A special layer of Nano Copper fabric effectively reduces electromagnetic waves.
  5. The Biomat’s® electrical consumption is 60% less than other electric mattresses.
  6. BioMat Skin Temperature Test Protocol
  7. Heart Scan by Dr. George Grant Before using the BioMat

The push button system allows easy control of all functions. Manufactured for Richway and Fuji Bio Inc. with components by Texas Instruments for the highest standard of quality.

  1. F.I.R. Indicator (Far Infrared): This light indicates when far infrared rays are being electrically produced. It will come on when you first set the Biomat®’s temperature. Once the Biomat has reached the set temperature, this light will turn off and the E.D.N.I. light will begin to flash.
  2. E.M.I. Indicator (Electromagnetic Interception): Effectively reduces harmful electromagnetic waves. This light will come on when it is actively reducing electromagnetic waves only. This light will turn off if there are none to block.
  3. Alarm: This light will appear if there are any malfunctions. If so, please contact the dealer.
  4. Temperature: Up – To increase the desired temperature.
  5. Temperature: Down – To decrease the desired temperature.
  6. Time Control: To set the length of time you want to use the Biomat®. The light will change to a different time setting as you press the Timer Button on the indicator. When the temperature is set above 120 F/49 C, the Biomat® will automatically reset itself down to 113 F/45 C after 4 hours of use. This feature protects the user from overheating and dehydration.
  7. Power Button: On/Off
  8. E.D.N.I.: This light indicates when negative ions are being electrically produced. It will flash once the Biomat® has reached the set temperature. As the Biomat®’s temperature fluctuates, the E.D.N.I. and F.I.R. lights will turn off and on, acting like a thermostat between the two.
  9. Temperature: In Celsius (left) and Fahrenheit (right). The temperature on the controller (and for the mats) goes from your choice of 95, 104, 113, 122, 131, 140, 148 or 158 degrees.

sacred_geometrySacred geometry dates back thousands of years. It is the understanding that shapes with their lines and angles can be both very spiritual and healing. Ancient Egyptians, Greek, Romans and Indians were among those who followed certain patterns of design believing certain shapes carried symbolic and sacred meanings. These shapes are often used in churches, mosques, temples and in other religious, spiritual and sacred objects. Sacred geometry has it roots in nature and natural shapes and designs; it involves the right and left brain, helping you to deeply integrate the spirit of the designs.

The geometric pattern on the cover for the Amethyst Biomats (shown in the photograph) incorporates a design found by Calvin Kim (the owner of Richway Fuji-Bio). Calvin researches new healing opportunities to make the Richway products better. By embedding the design in the carbon layer of the mats and using the design on the cotton covers, Calvin found (by testing before and after) the strength of the mats was about 15% stronger than without the design. The geometric pattern amplifies subtle energy offering bioresonance to healing energy.

The design was researched by and man named Dr. Hideo who found that he could grow more vegetables and fruits when he placed the simple design in the ground where the plants were growing. The frequency of Dr. Hideo’s image is close to 528hz (which happens to be the frequency of love).