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May 11, 2016
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Infrared’s Effect on Dentistry and the Immune System

Presented by Dr. John L. Tate


New Technology Available

Hello, my name is Dr. John L. Tate, a practicing dental surgeon, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I am excited about a technology that has been introduced to me to help my patients recover from what we call “high-risk” surgery involving patients who have immune compromised problems, which we will share with you on video and this transcription. For my colleagues and any practicing physician or health professional who is involved in this kind of surgery, in immune response, or in complete healing, I think you will find this very exciting and very interesting. Let me share with you the opinion of my best friend, my wife, who has had a very interesting experience with this technology.

Ina Tate – Experiences with Far Infrared

Ten years ago I had a titanium knee put in my left leg. From the time I had it done, my left leg was twice the size of my right leg, and if I stood for more than 20 or 30 minutes, my left knee was three times the size of my right knee. When John brought the machine home, I started at the bottom of my feet and brought it to the tops of my legs, and within one week all of the swelling was gone from my left leg. I had no pain. I could stand in the kitchen and cook for an hour and it did not bother me. It was wonderful! I also had a mole on my back which was black and growing, and within five days after putting the dome on my back, the mole fell off. But the most exciting thing for myself is the story of my Dad. He is 87 years old and has been to every specialist in Columbia and several in Charleston. None of them could tell him what was wrong with him. He had swollen so much, and you could see when you pressed on his skin how much swelling there was. He had gone up two sizes in clothes. After using the machine for two weeks – instead of shuffling – my Dad was walking with a cane with no help. Within three week he was able to cross his legs and put on his regular shoes and tied them. I think the machine is one of the greatest things that has ever been invented. Thank you.

Dr. John Tate – Explaining the New Technology

What is this new technology that helped Ina so much at home with her leg implant? Let’s look at it and the science behind it so we will know what helps the immune system in surgery to heal patients who are having difficult problems.

We see here (and I am going to use the infrared laser pointer that most of you are familiar with) to point at the light spectrum as we know it, is all the way from the radio waves across to the gamma rays, which are much shorter wave lengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. What we want to concentrate on, however, is the far infrared (or invisible) red spectrum that is in a very narrow range, and the visible light range that you see – for example, with the rainbow after a thunderstorm. The light spectrum needed for the complete healing response is now available. We need
to concentrate on it. This is an interesting transparency that was taken out of a medical magazine showing that healing light, and you will see the near infrared (or the red light) being used in a hospital for the healing of a patient through chemotherapy for the treatment of lymphoma. This was done at the Children’s Hospital at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the neurologist there was Harry T. Wheaton, who successfully treated wounds, surgery burns and brain cancer with this technology. I would like to point out that this technology requires eyeglasses because of the near infrared risk of damage to the eyes. It also requires that a nursebe present to hold the light for the patient while it is administered at 90 to 100 seconds every day while the patient is in the hospital.

Use of Far Infrared

The far infrared is invisible and you will see that the dome I was talking about is placed over this patient in my office half an hour before surgery and then half an hour after surgery to promote an immune response. The patient then takes the dome home for three days and applies the technology at home for two hours a day for the next three days. As most surgeons know, this type of surgery requires a very critical three day healing period. We will be explaining details that my dentalsurgeon associates know about, but most patients are probably not aware of. It is in this critical three day period that I find this dome or this infrared technology to be very useful.

Nobel Prize in 1998

Let’s back to 1998 when the science of this technology was explained by three scientists whose names I cannot pronounce, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. They discovered that nitric oxide, which is released into the blood from the hemoglobin, turns on the immune system and allows healing to take place. According to Dr. Valentino Fuester, President of the American Heart Association, this nitric oxide discovery is (and I quote)… “one of the most important discoveries in the history of cardiovascular medicine because it promotes expansion of the capillaries and allows the blood to get into the area to increase circulation and reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks.” It also is involved, as you can see, in cancer where white cells (the macrophages) produce the nitric oxide to defend themselves against tumors. The immunotherapy that doctors are using to fight cancer cells is going to be shown on a special part of the video later, when the macrophage attacks cancer cells.

Five Patient Study

What is nitric oxide and what does it have to do with the far infrared technology or dome you have just witnessed? This is the study (the augmentation of home healing) using monochromatic infrared healing. This, the first study of its kind in this country, was conducted at the Podiatrist School of Medicine (which is involved with the feet and wound healing in the feet area). Dr. Lon R. Horowich published a paper in 1999 explaining that the far infrared technology we have been talking about produces nitric oxide that resulted in the healing of the five patients in study who could not get healing conventionally. They had various diabetic problems and were not able to heal, but they received this nitric oxide technology produced by the far infrared, and healing took place for all of them. I am going to go through these five patients. I think most surgeons will find it very interesting, and although the presentation is in black and white and you cannot see the color, you can tell that the open wound has been on the foot for a number of months without results. The only difference in treatment was the application of far infrared technology for about 30 minutes a day. Sometimes it was once a day, five days a week, and for some patients (because of traveling) it was only three times a week. The next transparency shows the two diabetic patients and the two non-diabetic patients who were not responding to the conventional therapies, who received the therapy. This explains the open wounds that could not get circulation to the area. Now you see that after one month of the therapy, they had complete healing. Here, again, when the far infrared technology is applied to the wound, it results in the production of nitric oxide which expands the capillaries to the area, bringing in the macrophages and the neutrophils of the immune cells. Then healing takes place.

Scleroderma Response to Far Infrared

The last case is a very interesting one. It involved a condition known as Scleroderma, an auto-immune disease where collagen builds up. This is the protein the body produces in response to some poisons, such as heavy metals – mercury being one of them. No healing takes place because the circulation can’t get to the area due to the buildup of the collagen. In this case, the fingers of the patient would not heal. When you apply the infrared technology, you see the healing results from the production of nitric oxide from the hemoglobin by the reaction of the photons of the infrared on the enzymes, which produce the nitric oxide gas. The immune cells get into the area and the circulation is increased. Pain is reduced and the area now has the immune cells necessary to get complete healing. Most of you realize that a double blind placebo study is probably the gold standard in this country. You have to have placebos; you have to have double-blind studies (and you scientists or doctors who are familiar with that know what I am talking about), but they only have five patients here – and all of them healed. Usually when you do a study like this, you don’t get 100%, even in a small study. Five patients with complete healing is almost unheard of, so the other five patients (the placebo) weren’t getting the far infrared and they weren’t healing either. They switched those patients over to the far infrared technology and I don’t know the results of that, but I am almost certain from the report that they were healing just like the other five. This is a very important study. It’s going to be duplicated and is now being done in a much larger study at that college. You will hear more about this in the future.

Healing Stages

For the dental surgeons who are doing surgery everyday, let me quickly go over the three stages of healing, which I think you will find very interesting as it relates to this technology. Most dentists are familiar with the three stages of healing. It is a problem they all have to face when they are doing surgery. If we take out a tooth here, this area has to be filled in. It is going to be a healing area and we are going to have some inflammation. We need the increased blood flow and we also need the immune cells (called the macrophages) to come in and remove all this damaged tissue. When you have taken out a bad tooth or an infected tooth, you have the staphylococcus and the streptococcus with which you are familiar. One of the problems we face in the industry is dry sockets or toxic osteolitis, as we call it or decavitation when you have a wall of healing – but inside you never get complete healing. Those are the three things we are talking about.