Say 'Yes!' to Better Health and Wellness

We live on a wonderful planet with people who should be vibrant and well.

We all deserve to be healthy, have energy, sleep well, and be free of environmental toxins, additives, pesticides, chemicals, and drugs.

Your quality of life can be improved through the many healthy benefits of using the ALKAL-LIFE Alkaline Ionized Water Purification System, the AMETHYST BIOMATS (licensed medical devices) and the rest of  the superior therapeutic products by Richway Fuji-Bioscience .

You can support yourself by making an effort to take care of your body using detoxification and alkalinity and reversing the aging process and increasing energy as reachable goals.

Reversing the aging process is possible through positive thinking, healthy whole plant based foods (WFPB), yoga, meditation, loving ourselves, and other positive changes. Our mission is also to educate and help people create more vitality by understanding the multiple benefits of saying “yes” to better health and wellness through the top quality products we offer.

Our Products


Alkal-Life 7000sL™


Amethyst Biomat®


Amethyst Pillow


Quantum Energy Pad®


Orgone Biomat™




Detoxi™ Salt