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Product Overview:

A spa like treatment at home! Look younger by smoothing out and revitalizing your appearance with the Rejuvena™ 7000. When our skin is unable to exfoliate naturally, it accumulates dirty, old cells and its appearance becomes dull. Let the Rejuvena™ 7000 gently and naturally reveal your smooth, lustrous skin!

The rejuvena is used on the face and an exercise showing how to use is included in the brochure

Soft Peeling Mode

The Soft Peeling mode is painless and gentle on your skin. It uses 30,000 vibrations per minute to deeply cleanse and remove contaminants and old cells, revealing your natural skin.

We include an empty bottle in the Rejuvena™ 7000 kit. Fill this with water and apply it to your skin before using the Soft Peeling mode. We recommend water with a pH of 6.5 for best results.

Ion Treatment & Red Light Heat Lamp Function

The Ion Treatment mode uses a current to increase the efficacy of skin-nourishing products by deeply pushing nutrition into your skin.

When using the Ion Treatment mode, the Red Light Heat Lamp aids in the absorption of nutrients into the skin.

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High resolution photo of a water splash. High resolution photo of a water splash.

6.65″ x 1.81″ x 0.98″

3 Year Limited Warranty
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