EV Manufacturer of the Year - California 2023

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  1. When will the Wolf Pick-Up they go into production??

  2. Can't wait for the release! Saw the WOLF model at Kintex motor show.

  3. When will the ACE model be available in South Korea?

  4. I love the innovative and classy body style. Specifically, the SUPERSAGA, it's body resembles that of the Fast Five 1971 Ford Maverick or the Fast and Furious 6 1960 Anvil Mustang.

  5. The super wolf is exactly what I have been looking for in an electric pickup truck!! Absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to get one!! Thanks for designing a wonderful truck!

  6. Wolf!

  7. Your vehicles are so stylish that it got me thinking of going to EV.

  8. I personally love the way the SAGA ESTATE was designed. The car was designed masterfully; a sedan I am willing to get!

  9. The ACE looks like a practical coupe for today's cramped urban landscape.

  10. I can't explain how much I am interested in the JAX. I love the look. Make me one soon please.

  11. I absolutely love the entire line up. However, the Wolf has to be my favorite. The design is perfection. It is refreshing to see a compact single cab truck coming to market. And if the estimated pricing holds true there will be nothing on the market that can compete with what Alpha is doing. I look forward to watching Alpha Motors come to market.

  12. I've been holding off replacing my current ICE vehicles as I felt that purchasing a new ICE vehicle is neither prudent nor responsible given the current environmental crisis and gasoline prices. To date however I have not been able to find a vehicle manufacturer that offers a product that meets my three basic criteria; style, price and usable range. I have to say that when I stumbled onto your Wolf pickup online I was both intrigued and pleasantly surprised. When I visited your website, I was astonished at the collection of practical and well designed vehicles your company has to offer. My current vehicle holdings include both collectable and practical vehicles; 1971 Ford Bronco, 1979 Jeep CJ5, 2006 Mini Copper S and a 2009 Hummer H3T. As you can see I enjoy a varied taste in vehicles and your outstanding collection of cars and trucks meets my style to a T. To give you an insight into my background, I'm a recently retired municipal manager (which included fleet at times) and past president of an organization which combined both purchasers and venders suppling the vehicle and equipment needs of Ontario municipalities. Do you currently have a plan for supplying the Canadian market? I look forward to hearing more.

  13. SUPERACE please!

  14. Nice

  15. I want one

  16. I love the outdoors and camping. So, these three will satisfy my needs.

  17. I really like the wolf it brings back the old and new truck days of simple style

  18. Wishing. Please show the world your capable....

  19. Love it! I want one!!

  20. Jax is most interesting, but I'd be more likely to buy a truck.

  21. Go Alpha love all the products but Superwolf is my first choice.

  22. I really like Montage first and wolf+

  23. Excited to see an EV company that fills the niche that seems to pay good homage to the better designs of the golden age of sturdy and capable vehicles.

  24. Love the Ace and the Wolf! :) Finally someone is planing to make beautiful car`s again, just like they did way back.....

  25. Get this cars in production!

  26. Soon to market please

  27. Beautiful vehicle designs

  28. Soooo sick

  29. Ace strikes my perfect balance of asthetics; clean, simple, timeless

  30. Hope you get into production soon. I have a Tesla and am selling my old ICE pickup truck, planning on a Wolf or Wolf plus.

  31. Please build these darn things. I truly want one.

  32. I also love the JAX. I will own 2 Alpha’s!

  33. I need a RS6 beater!

  34. I can't wait to invest initially and then purchase when these cars are ready.

  35. Let’s goooo!!!!!

  36. Love the old school look of the wolf.

  37. Traditional automakers have left the mini-truck in the 80's and 90's. Bring me a Wolf in a two-door, small cab configuration and mini-trucks WILL be back. Love the looks and the stance. Long live mini-trucks!

  38. This one, specifically the base model Ace, it's minimal design takes the cake by a long shot.

  39. The Ace model is the most beautifully designed Electric Car I have seen. The two door sedan design appeals to me!

  40. Hard choice between the SAGA and the WOLF

  41. I really like the looks of these vehicles and I cannot wait to see when these models will get put into production. It was hard to pick a favorite because all the models are a favorite of mine and if I had enough money, I would get one of each model that Alpha Motor Corporation has shown off. Thanks for bringing some great design to electric vehicles. I cannot wait to see what the future will be like for Alpha Motor Company. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  42. Superwolf please!

  43. I like all of them

  44. I love the Baja look and rugged features of the exterior and the cool looking interior. Definitely need AWD in Northern Michigan...So that ground clearance looks decent, too!

  45. Shut up and take my money. If you build the Wolf I promise I’ll buy one.

  46. I really like the original Wolf truck with the standard cab. If I need to carry people, we'll take my wife's car. For everything else, I would drive that little Wolf truck.

  47. This is the ultimate

  48. Super cool design.

  49. Very keen on the Ace performance. As soon as a price for a UK right hand drive version is offered I would be happy to order

  50. ACE PE is my favorite by looks, but if I were to buy one, I would probably go for the base model because it should be the lightest.

  51. Can't wait for the Superwolf

  52. I'm a Wolf+ pre-order and can't wait for them to begin production

  53. The Superwolf is exactly what I want in a new vehicle.

  54. Please start production sooner.

  55. Please consider a 5 door version of the REX. Thanks.

  56. Love it!

  57. Like them all really The ACE PE and super ace need to target the track day audience...Think fun like a Miata. If you can win over enthusiasts you will sell them faster than you can make them!

  58. Please build it.

  59. I would love to see a sport truck performance edition of the Wolf+. A Wolf+ lowered like the Ace or Saga, with fender flares and sticky rubber tires. A roll-up bed cover with a ducktail lip spoiler and a solid aero package all the way around. Keep it capable of towing six-thousand plus pounds and capable of loading 500-750lbs in the bed.

  60. Superwolf

  61. The Saga looks great and the JAX is amazing.

  62. Superwolf

  63. Let's get it in production!

  64. What's the projected towing weight limits for the Rex and the wolf? What is the range and recharge time for the Ace? What is the charging system for these machines and are they compatible with home solar power systems currently available?

  65. I replaced my Tacoma with a Model Y to go electric, and I love the EV! But I miss my Tacoma like a severed limb! Please bring the Alpha to market as fast as possible! I am willing to buy and invest, I can offer engineering help if needed, and I will like be a Brand Ambassador in the Phoenix Area! Anything I can do to bring you awesome line of vehicles to market!

  66. The Ace grabbed my attention when it was first introduced. I want to see one in person. Until I do it is only a pipe dream, albeit a sweet on.

  67. The saga estate is amazing! Wagons are as unpopular as ever it seems (at least in America), but EV SUVs look more and more like wagons than ever by trying to keep the vehicle aerodynamic (counter to a tall vehicle like an SUV). So maybe just call it an SUV (like Subaru does) and more people will be on board? Or start the EV wagon revolution; wagon seems to simply make more sense than an SUV with EV considerations.

  68. Looking forward to what comes in 2025.

  69. Do it !

  70. Wonderfully Electric!!


  72. Love station wagons!

  73. I love sedans and would love to have an electric one, but nothing on the market right now interests me. These look amazing and I would definitely look into buying one.

  74. Wolf is the top choice but Jax is a very close second. Wish I didn't have to wait till 2025 for these to make it to market, I'm ready now!

  75. Wagon!!!!

  76. Wolf!!!!!

  77. Build it

  78. Great product lineup

  79. Love the bench seats!

  80. Look great

  81. Designs are retro modern yet simple to make

  82. Would preferably go for the REX. But not the adventure model. Good cargo space, that's protected against the weather in Norway.

  83. Sadly, you wont have the ACE to market in time to be my first EV but hopefully in time for the ACE PE to be my 2nd EV!

  84. All the cars look nice. JAX is my personal favorite. Would love to have one for a photo session here in Texas...

  85. Verry nice

  86. Jax, because it is an off-road capable sedan. I like fuel efficiency but this is less important to me when discussing an EV, so the Jax's chunky tires and tough exterior are for me.

  87. Outstanding design

  88. These look amazing.

  89. Very hard decision. There are all such beautiful creatures. Hot Hatch.? 🔥 🐣

  90. I want support all car and truck for EV for safety

  91. LOVE

  92. I fell in love with the Wolf when I first saw it. I have owned a 1983 Dodge Ram 50 for over 20 years, always loved the look of the truck and the Wolf looks like someone took my truck and updated it to a modern revival. The Saga Estate is also on my list of what to get. Reminds me of an old Volvo P1800. Most other cars look like they where pulled off a comic book page or where designed with the idea of "How would this look as a Hot wheels toy". The Alpha line look like cars used to look, with style but not all the crazy bulbous light housings or pointless styling bits. Clean lines, subtle details. They look simpler but also elegant. The ACE reminds me of the old DB5/DB6 Astin Martins. Just build me a car already!

  93. Where will the

  94. All of the above!

  95. Ah, yes please! Take my money!

  96. Can’t wait for this! Sterling design. Well done.

  97. Love the classy bigger size with racks

  98. Saga Estate, followed by the Jax.

  99. Good luck!

  100. Wagons

  101. The Superwolf and Saga Estate are my electric dream garage.

  102. Top Pick

  103. As an internal combustion engine mechanic and car builder restorer for over 25 years, the electric vehicles you have on offer are some of the most unique and nostalgia inspiring I have seen to date. I have known for a while that my fun with I.C.E. cars is not much longer for this world. But everything on the EV market is boring or generic looking and feels hollow to drive. No soul man. What you have on offer makes me excited for the future...Good for the carbon footprint and environment but possibly a joy to drive and own.. Function and form. They go hand in hand. Please make these. Please...I will gladly buy one or two and look forward to driving in the future.

  104. Greetings from Maine! Just a few lines to send some 'high hopes' your way. I just read of you via "Jalopnick" newssheet. The Wolf truck is JUST what the truck buyers want--an EV, a truck that is not a science project mixed with a 1970 Caddy, and a price that real people can afford. Well done, NOW if you can 'get the horse to run' it will be a huge success. This will compete with the new Ford Maverick truck, with the wimpy, hippie hybrid [inbred?] Engine and the gawd awful CVT transmission. IF you can get it to market, I have no doubt it will sell. Rivian has done well in the HIGH PRICE truck market- the field is OPEN for the other end of the price point..All you have to do is beat the China Made EV trucks-Imperium Motors, Skywell EV, have a faux Ford 150 EV 'near ready for sale. They are already selling EVs in Canada, an HQ in LA. Calif., with EV auto sales set for real soon in the USA. And the quality is very good, from the few reports I have read..For this writer, I will watch and wait for news of the truck{yes, I am signed on via the webpage, for news]. I have long had trucks in my driving life, the last a Honda Ridgeline[2018}. That I sold for my first EV, an Hyundia IONIQ B.E.V. It is a perfect and useful auto-but its not a truck. A trip to the dump, or a trip to Home Depot, tells me that!. So, if I am not dead, or the State has not repealed my driving license{I am currently 72 yrs. old] I will think hard on buying your Truck. For the moment, I will not place a reservation. I will watch and wait. Much in my $$ has to be considered, the EV is a 2021 I bought new, thus the loan question also looms. In all, I thank you for this effort and product. I look forward to good things from this Firm.

  105. Hello, I am super interested how to import your vehicles into France? Even distribute them?

  106. I know its a massive hassle to design and pass all the legal tests and that but pllleeeaseee sell to the UK. Take my money.

  107. I think what you guys are creating is amazing and groundbreaking. Much success hopefully we can continue our conversation from last year.

  108. Y'all have great concepts, when will expect to see these in full production, and where would we be able to purchase them from?

  109. Are there any add-ons or plans for tools boxes and a cap with a ladder rack for the wolf? It is the perfect size for a work truck and with the payload and towing capacity it would be great for contracting work. It seems built as an adventure truck, which is a weekend driver at best for me. I've been buying up old toyota pickups for years to use for my small fleet and i'd much rather use electric vehicles. Thanks!

  110. I love your vehicles. I currently reside in New York and wanted to know if there will be a chance to sit in them? Will you plan to open a showroom? And where will these cars be built? Do you have a factory?

  111. I have been following Alpha’s progress and I am impressed by what you are doing… …so far. However, if I take a cynical view, I could conclude that Alpha is really good with product design, photography and website design. EVERYTHING looks beautiful. However, when will you be producing vehicles? Which vehicle is your production priority? I’m ready for a Superwolf. How should I time my current and future car purchasing to be ready to buy one? Please keep us inspired but also provide some clarity on the timing and availability of actual vehicles.

  112. Will there be more opportunities for you guys to showcase the other type of cars in person?

  113. You should add dark purple and maybe like a dark turquoise color to your lineup.

  114. Any chance of you selling a model kit of your ACE coupe? Would love to have one on my desk.

  115. I love love love your truck! The small size and minimal retro styling specifically. I own an 86 4-runner and would love a little electric pickup with the same removable roof features and exceptional 4x4'ing capability mine has.

  116. Finally a car manufacturer who work well the design the front AND the back of cars ! I really find you designs very attractive. I hope to see your cars in Europe soon!

  117. Hello, when will the Alpha Motors line be in production. Would love one! Or two!! Thanks!

  118. We have decided to go electric in the Great White North, and I'm absolutely smitten with your line of vehicles. I'm wondering if Alphas will be available to purchase directly in Canada, or if I will have to buy in the States and ship it over. And when can I expect to put a deposit to reserve my place in line? I hear you're starting production in Q3 or 2023. Will that be all vehicles or a limited run? I'm very interested in the Superwolf but could talk myself into the Saga...Or a Jax. I love the designs. Thanks in advance!