Macro Converter

The Macro Converter H is designed to improve the close range performance of wide angle H System lenses. It is primarily intended for use with the HC 50-II lens for optimum performance. The range produced is similar to the use of a 6.6 mm extension tube but the performance is noticeably improved. It features the same outstanding optical and mechanical quality as all other products in the Hasselblad HC/HCD Lens system. All the glass-to-air surfaces have a multi-layer coating to reduce internal reflections and increase the efficiency of the optical system.


The Macro Converter H can only be used together with Hasselblad HC/HCD Lenses. Attempts to attach any other type of lens may cause damage.

Attaching and removing the converter

The Macro Converter is mounted between the camera and lens in the same manner as an extension tube.


The Macro Converter H is not compatible with the following lenses:

  • HCD 4–5.5 / 35–90mm

  • HC 3.5–4.5 / 50–110mm

All other HC and HCD Lenses (including the HTS 1.5x) can be used but optical performance is optimised when used together with the HC 50-II lens.