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Alpha Motor Corporation Unveils CAMP - Collaborative Adventure Mobility Platform, An Innovative Digital Twin Experience

CAMP represents Alpha’s unique automotive process that opens new ways to experience products and builds upon the Move Humanity™ culture of community innovation. It creates an engaging platform to streamline sharing of ideas, complete technical development, and contribute to finding solutions in sustainability.

ALPHA CAMP SUMMER 2022 Collaborations

Rolling Stone Korea ( - Global Entertainment Network

“CAMP by Alpha Motors is an innovative platform that represents the future of ‘Move Humanity’ culture. This digital creation goes beyond the EV industry and creates new possibilities through virtual travel. We are excited for this collaboration and look forward to people enjoying the CAMP experience,” said Ray Yeom, Founder and CEO of e.L.e Media.

Umbrella SS Tee by Free & Easy ( - LA Fashion Icon

“Alpha motors’ vision for the future and emphasis on forward-thinking sustainability is a breath of fresh air for the automotive industry and the world. By entering the outdoor recreational space, Alpha makes a natural progression from their already innovative approach to EVs. Nothing sounds better than experiencing the beauty of nature without leaving a heavy footprint,” said Kevin Circosta, Founder of Free and Easy.

Delta Pro Shovel by DMOS Collective ( - 2022 SEMA Launchpad Semifinalist

“We are delighted to work with Alpha Motor and the CAMP platform. It gives us a chance to work with some of the best in automotive aftermarket in a co-creative space which accelerates our design thinking to better achieve our mission to make people their own hero with mission-ready gear that is always at hand and never in the way,” said Susan Pieper, Founder and CEO of DMOS Collective, Inc.

Alubox by Equipt Expedition Outfitters ( - Equipment Built Better with Exceptional Craftsmanship

“Equipt is thrilled to be participating in the Alpha CAMP Project. We are one of the oldest US importers of premier overlanding equipment, including Alubox aluminum storage cases from Denmark. Alubox is a great example of elegant form and function, and fits perfectly with the Adventure Series REX,” said Paul May, Founder and Owner of Equipt Expedition Outfitters.

Move Mug by Onyx Coffee Lab ( - Finding the Best Coffee, Never Settle for Good Enough

“We are always looking for innovative partnerships that align with our sustainable values and quest for unmatched quality,” said Jon Allen co-founder of Onyx Coffee Lab. “We strive to push the boundaries of coffee, producing the best of the best, and we see the same pursuit in what Alpha Motors is creating.”

Gravity® Pro6 by KC Lights ( - Defy Limits and Adventure Further®

“At KC, our heritage is deeply rooted in off-road racing since the 1970s and our products continue to defy the limits of engineering norms. Sometimes that works in our favor and sometimes it fails, but we learn. Our Gravity® Pro6 initially failed in trial runs, but it ultimately set the standard for branded circular LEDs and linkable light bars. In the spirit of this, we are excited to be part of Alpha Motor Corporation’s CAMP as we continue to Defy Limits in the digital world and IRL,” said Randy Wimenta, Marketing Activation Manager.

All New Fuji Wheels by Black Rhino Wheels ( - Engineered to Explore

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Alpha Motor Corporation with another collaborative build effort. Given Black Rhino Wheels’ strong history in the overland market, the CAMP is a perfect platform to showcase the all-new Black Rhino Fuji wheel design and engineering,” said Scott Chu, Marketing Manager Wheel Pros

Adventure Series REX™ ( - Move Humanity in Utility, Adventure, and Sport EVs

“The Adventure Series REX™ is an electric car that brings people and nature together,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.