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Here to answer your Frequently Asked Questions.

* List updated periodically. Information is provide for illustrative purposes.

* As of August, 2023.

  • Alpha is the Heart and Soul of driving. Our Move Humanity®: Motion Driven by Heart™ vision is about creating EVs that moves people’s hearts.

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  • Development to achieve mass production of the WOLF™ electric truck’s is in progress. Alpha plans on starting distribution in North America, followed by expansion to select countries worldwide including Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

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  • Currently, we are developing test vehicles of the WOLF™ electric truck. We plan on prioritizing mass production of the WOLF™ electric truck series (WOLF™, WOLF+™, SUPERWOLF™).

  • Alpha Motor Corporation is located in 9551 Irvine Center Drive in Irvine, California. Alpha’s automotive business proficiency comes from decades of experience at major corporations and the company has formed OEM-level strategic partnerships in the U.S. to efficiently develop and manufacture highly competitive EVs.

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  • Our 65-85 kWh battery for the WOLF™ electric truck is planned to range between 250-325 miles for the single motor RWD and dual motor AWD.

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  • We successfully closed a Regulated Crowd Funding equity offering in May 2023. Please contact Investor Relations at to inquire about investment.

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