We are proud to provide you with products from RichWay & Fujibio International, the company behind the BioMat line of medical products and the Alkal-Life Water Ionizer.

As an authorized RichWay distributor, we offer the finest service available in the industry, as witnessed by our swift order processing, generous warranty and return policies.

We have been using and offering the Richway & FujiBio products since 2005. We know that they work and how they work.

We choose to serve and help others to make positive changes in their lives for increased health, energy & spirit and for the greater good for everyone on the planet to live in peace and harmony.

Bi0-accumulation is a scientific term where toxic chemicals in our body (which store in fat cells+) cannot be processed to be able to excrete them. We must remove these nasties in order to function well.

Please browse the website to learn how you can enjoy a richer life. We believe your quality of life can be improved, your spirit lifted and your body soothed through the use of our superior therapeutic family of Richway & Fuji Bio products.

The quality of our products is internationally recognized and meets or exceeds all certification requirements, including ISO certification and FDA Registration.


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